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Ceramic, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair

4 – 8 November 2024 İstanbul Expo Center








Exhibition Hall

UNICERA – Innovation – Development

Innovation, Connection, Center of Development: UNICERA Istanbul

Reach your brand to your goal; establish connections with innovative solutions, take the step with us on your journey to sustainable growth and success.

Discover the Innovations

UNICERA Istanbul provides an excellent opportunity to see the latest trends, innovative products, and technologies in the industry.

The Best Sectoral Methodologies

Expand Your Business Network

UNICERA Istanbul offers the opportunity to establish business connections with global professionals, suppliers, distributors, and customers.

Unleash the Power of Your Business

Access the Global Market

UNICERA Istanbul creates business opportunities for companies operating in local and international markets.

Smart Business Experience

Get Inspired

UNICERA Istanbul inspires by hosting leading companies in innovation and design.

Doorway to Smart Insights


The fair typically hosts educational events such as seminars, workshops, and conferences.

Next Generation Business Ideas


You can find the opportunity to directly experience products and purchase them from the manufacturer.

Transforming Infinite Possibilities.

Passionate – Professional – Pioneering

Innovation Pioneers… The ‘Center‘ of Ceramics!

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4-8 November 2024

+1 (800) 555 555

Value – Participation – Growth

Visitor Distribution

The visitor distribution of the UNICERA Istanbul Fair covers a wide range of ceramics, bathroom, and kitchen sectors and brings together people from various professions, interests, and geographical locations.

Ceramics Import / Exporters and Wholesalers 43%
Architect, Project & Decoration Companies 29%
Construction / Plumbing & Building Materials Companies 22%
Public Institutions, Private Companies and Others 6%

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UNICERA Istanbul Welcomes the World!

Every year, the heart of the ceramics, bathroom, and kitchen sectors beats in Istanbul. UNICERA Istanbul Ceramics, Bathroom, Kitchen Fair welcomes professionals and enthusiasts from all over the world by exhibiting the most innovative products, latest technologies, and pioneering designs of the sector. This event not only offers its exhibitors an exhibition experience but also allows them to discover the latest developments, trends, and innovations in the industry.

  • Innovative Products and Solutions
  • International Networking

  • Training Seminars and Workshops

  • Trends and Innovations


Passionate – Conscious – Professional

Stay Informed of UNICERA Istanbul

Discover how UNICERA Istanbul is a source of inspiration and why it offers the perfect opportunity to expand your global network.

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