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Take your place at UNICERA Istanbul Fair which makes the largest contribution to ihracatına ceramic, bathroom and kitchen sector exports .

The Heart of the Global Ceramics & Bathroom Industry –The Heart of the Global Ceramics & Bathroom Industry –

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UNICERA Istanbul welcomes hundreds of ceramic, sanitary ware and bathroom products manufacturers worldwide every year. These participants represent the most innovative and prestigious companies in the industry. The product range ranges from ceramic tiles to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, from sanitary ware to decorative accessories. Exhibitors prefer this fair to showcase their new products and designs, increase their visibility in the global market and communicate directly with potential customers.

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With this diverse exhibitor profile, UNICERA Istanbul Fair brings together the latest products, trends and technologies in the industry, offering its exhibitors a unique opportunity to collaborate, network and gain knowledge. Every year, thanks to the opportunities and innovations offered by the fair, the cooperation between the participants and the sectoral developments are getting stronger.

Manufacturers & Suppliers

Companies with innovative and trendy designs

Designers & Architects

Leading companies in the field of inspiration, discovery and development

Distributors & Retailers

Industry trends, new technologies and market dynamics

Investors & Construction Companies

Innovative and quality-seeking construction industry representatives


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